Thursday, November 8, 2012


I got a call from the truss manufacturer today to confirm the order details. Turns out their quote didn’t allow for manufacture from T2 treated pine, so there’ll be a small variation to the price by a couple of hundred dollars.

When I put the spec document together I sent it off to two manufacturers - Bowens (who use/own TimberTruss in Geelong) and Dahlsens in Shepparton. Would you believe, Bowens were over $1000 cheaper than Dahlsens, coming in at $3100, including all the hangers, x-grips, braces, noggins and the rest. So even though it’ll come in at closer to $3400, I’m still pretty happy.

I asked Peter the other day to guesstimate what he thought the trusses would cost, and his guess was $10 grand. Three-and-a-half is looking pretty good :) 

So the upshot is that I have a delivery date - November 30th. Now I’ve got a target to work towards to get the wall framing done…

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