Friday, November 23, 2012


I paid a visit to the Bunnings nearby my office earlier in the week, sussing out the price of the LVL lintels I need for the double doorway and window, both of which I hope to install this weekend.

My calculations show that I need a single 120x45 F17 lintel across the doorway, and two 190x35 F17 lintels nail laminated, over the window. Naturally Bunnings have neither of these sizes in stock, the closest being 140x45 for the doorway, and 190x45 for the window. Luckily, they have both of these in T2 treated LVL timber - Hyne apparently supplied them T2 stock in place of the untreated stock they ordered, so I'm getting the treated timber for the price of standard. Bonus!

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