Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Looking through the windows

I've spent some time re-reading the design specification which forms part of our building permit, and I think there's a little clarity in there regarding the window situation.

This document has already been reviewed and approved by our building surveyor, so I don't think there's any doubt as to what we're allowed to do - it's all written down and compliant with the building code for BAL-FZ:
Upper level windows: Fit double glazed windows of 12mm argon gassed, 5mm toughened, low-E glass in timber frames of Red Ironbark. Fit external 2mm steel flashing over timber areas.
Other windows: Frames of seasoned southern eucalypt (Tas. Oak, Messmate, etc) selected structural grade F17.
Other windows: Glazing to balance of laminated glass, single window glazing.

  • All opening windows and doors to have stainless steel mesh flyscreens, heavy aluminium framed with max. 2mm dia hole size.
  • Steel fire shutters to meet AS1530 8.2 to be fitted to all windows
I think that's pretty specific, and when talking to window manufacturers we're just not giving them enough information which leads them to ask for our BAL rating at which point they turn and run. If we ask for Red Ironbark frames with the appropriate glazing, we're all set and I can have the steel flashing made up separately (or I could always invest in a guillotine and pan brake and make them myself... :) ).

There are plenty of fire shutter options available, or we could even go down the path of roll-down fire blankets.

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