Friday, November 23, 2012

Lintel installation

So after spending most of the morning lifting top plates, I finally got into some real work again. First up, assembling the frame for the doorway, and notching the studs to accept the lintel timber.

The doorway timbers were easy to notch - I did them on the saw bench before I assembled everything; but I'd forgotten to notch the studs adjacent to this section into which the lintel extends, so I had to heft the circular saw up on a stepladder to do these.

I really must buy a little battery-powered saw for these jobs.. my Triton saw is awesome but it's a heavy bugger to wield freehand.

So with a little sweating and swearing and surprisingly few adjustments - measure twice, cut once - the doorway frame went up and the lintel slotted home easily.

The heat of the mid afternoon was starting to take its toll by this time though, so that's about where I left it. The last three sections to go tomorrow!

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