Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lintel detail

Over the next couple of weeks I will get to framing the north facing wall of the dwelling. Unlink most of the rest of the framing, this wall has two quite large openings - one king sized window, and a double doorway out to the patio area which will extend out over the shipping container.

These two large openings require lintels, and because this wall supports a major roof load they need to be right :) With the help of my trusty old timber framing manual, I've sized and specified the lintels and incorporated them into the Sketchup drawing:

Both will be either F17 grade seasoned hardwood, or the equivalent LVL (laminated veneer lintel, a relative modern invention which builds up timber from what appear to be scraps left over by the milling process. They're probably not, but that's how they appear to my untrained eye ;) ).

So with this detail sorted (one which I've been putting off for a little while) I should be in a position to get the dwelling framing complete within a few weeks or so, hopefully in time for the truss delivery on the 30th!

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