Sunday, November 4, 2012

More framing

It was an early start this morning at sunrise, for a mad dash back to Melbourne to run the boys’ regular Sunday morning swimming encouragement meet. A while back I made a rod for my own back by “streamlining” the registration, handicapping and timing of the meets which means that I’m an essential part of their running until I can get some others trained up on how all the systems work. All good fun, though and the kids love it.

As soon as that was finished I made another mad dash back up to the building site, this time with Rhys as a tag-along. It seems lots of Victorian schools have scheduled a “curriculum day” tomorrow, in no small coincidence I’m sure with the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday on Tuesday, all of which means the boys have no school tomorrow.

I really do genuinely enjoy having Rhys come up to help, though. He always wants to be involved and is genuinely helpful, and he’s certainly learning a lot about the building process and he can proudly claim that he built this house with his dad :)

Here he is measuring the diagonals of one of the frames to make sure it’s perfectly square. Good lad! :)

In no time flat we had the first frame assembled and upright. This one was only a little shorter than the first which nearly killed me erecting it, but surprisingly I was able to heave it upright fairly easily without aide. I put this down to the double top plates of the perimeter walls; that extra 4.6m or so of timber put it over my weight limit I think.

It didn’t take that long to place and plumb this wall, thanks to it being just about perfectly square and so with an hour or so before dinner and having all the timber cut ready we decided to assemble the next frame.

Voila, it’s almost a bathroom! :)

The plan for tomorrow is to make up the frame for the hallway, and then those for the bedrooms. If I can get this half of the dwelling done (leaving just the kitchen, and the perimeter frame for the living area) by Tuesday I’ll be a happy man! :)

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