Friday, November 30, 2012

Truss transport

I got a call from the truss folks just now, confirming the transport details. It turns out they don't have a rigid crane tray big enough to take the trusses, so they have no choice but to send them on a semi-trailer.

I've never had a semi on the site, have I?

The largest truck so far has been a 9m tray and that was a close thing, so I have no idea how we're going to handle a semi with a 12m trailer.

The driveway track down to the house site is pretty easy going in a car, and plenty wide enough for trucks but gets a bit steep and loose right at the end. It's a bit windy too, with one bend I'm a bit worried about - I just ran up there with a tape measure and from the tree which marks the centre of the turn to the outside of the track is bang on 9m. I've relayed this to the transport guys and they don't seem too fazed by it...

We'll see. I don't reckon I'd try to drive a semi-trailer around here...

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