Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The next job

It’s a little odd having finished the rammed earth. For the last few months, my priorities in the build have been clearly defined - build the retaining wall, get it core filled, then build the rammed earth wall.

Now that both of those are done, I’ve got to come up with the plan for the next major works:

  1. I need to apply a tanking system to the back of the retaining wall and shipping container to waterproof them.

  2. I need to build something to fill the gap between the shipping container and the wall - a little rock wall, perhaps.

  3. Then I can backfill the cutting with screenings, and form up a spoon drain above to divert water away from the wall.

  4. The slab-on-ground portion of the upstairs building needs to be excavated, formed up and poured.

  5. The suspended slab above the retaining and rammed earth walls needs to be formed up and poured.

I don’t feel nearly as well prepared for these jobs as I have been for the wall building…

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