Sunday, June 3, 2012

In the daylight...

Back on site this afternoon to cut and split some firewood, and this is how the wall looks in the daylight :)

Oddly it seems to be darker than the others were straight off the forms, but it’s been cold and overcast today with the threat of rain, so it’s not dried out at all. With the wet weather forecast this week, it looks like it’ll have perfect curing weather…

So I’ve got one more full panel, and the door infill to do. Ramming these panels is seriously hard work (boy, am I feeling it today), but it’s incredibly rewarding and I think I’m going to miss it when this part of the project is finished. I’m going to have to find something else to build in rammed earth a little later on, I think… :)

Next weekend is the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in Victoria, so I expect if the weather cooperates I’ll get the wall finished, infill and all. I’m trying to convince my brother Gareth to make the short hop down from Sydney to lend a hand before the ramming is all done, otherwise he’ll miss out on all the fun :)

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