Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday, 7am

Lots to get done today:

  • Chem-set the starter bars for the infill wall panel.

  • Cut and wire the steel mesh for this and the end wall panel so I can get them both inspected this afternoon.

  • Fit the expansion joint foam to the end surfaces of the walls surrounding the gap.

  • Modify the formwork columns:

    • The column forming the doorway needs the longitudinal bracing removing, and the top of the column will be braced against the panel on the far side of the door. The captive bracket bolted to the slab will keep the bottom of the column located fast.

    • The column forming the end of the wall closest to the container .. I’m in two minds what to do with this one. When I started planning the rammed earth walls, I made a mental note that I should start ramming with the panel closest to the container. This would mean both column surfaces would be “plain” (i.e. smooth) producing a wall with no (few) flaws. I promptly misplaced this mental note and started at the other end, which required the clamping bolts to pass half-through the surface of the column. If I use this column as-is, I will either have to fill these channels in the column surface or fix the wall after the earth has been rammed. The alternative is to replace the form ply and chamfers on this column.

  • Bolt the set of castor wheels I bought during the week to the compressor, so I can move it around without giving myself a haemorrhage.

  • Screen another large batch of soil. Conveniently (not) the rain last weekend ran down the bobcat tracks I’ve made in the landscape directly into the leftover screened soil, so this will now probably be too wet to use.

  • Cut some more firewood to satisfy the voracious appetite of our wood heater at home.

Another leisurely day on site…

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