Friday, June 1, 2012


I nearly got everything on my list done today.

The building inspection didn’t happen - I got a text message around lunchtime informing me that he was running late and wouldn’t make it today, and could he come by in the morning? No problem says I, but I start work at 0630 so if you want to see it before I start ramming, you’d better be there before 8! :)

So I took photos instead, and will email them to him.

Just about everything else happened as planned, although rebuilding the end column took longer than I’d hoped (although it’s now looking schmick and so hopefully will the wall) so I was screening earth by the light of the Hilux again.

I’m glad we’re so far from the neighbours, I’m sure they’d be unimpressed if they could hear the bobcat and Hilux and generator and compressor rumbling away at all hours…

I didn’t manage to get the castors fitted to the compressor, or the control joint foam installed (I forgot) and ran out of daylight to cut firewood. That’ll have to wait.

So it’s off to the pub for dinner and a muscle relaxant (or three), then an early night for a very cold, very early start…

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