Friday, June 1, 2012

Damn my mental notes...

Since I started this project I’ve become very good at making lists. Lists of things to buy, lists of things to take with me each weekend (keys being permanently on top of that one), lists of things to get done. Without these I’d be hopelessly incapable of getting anything done.

Of course, I didn’t put the order in which I should ram the wall panels on any list. This means I have one panel to do using the columns, and some nasty channels in the surface which will mar the end result.

Having had a close look at the column with the bolt channels, I’ve decided to completely replace the form ply and pine chamfers. I had considered filling the channels with silicone, but their edges are all over the place and I’ll never get a flat surface. Also, the chamfers on it at the moment are looking decidedly second-hand, and won’t produce a very clean result. As this panel is the end of the wall I want it to be as close to perfect as I can produce, so instead of taking a short-cut I’m replacing the lot.

Daylight be damned. I have a floodlight :)

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