Friday, June 8, 2012

Another day down...

.. another wall panel prepped.

I had intended to get rather a lot more done today than I managed but yet again, the number of jobs needing to get done exceeded the available daylight hours and I found myself screening tomorrow’s ramming soil in the rain, by Hilux and bobcat light.

The major delay today was making up the chamfer timbers for the infill wall panel. Since I’m not using the columns for this one (which have the chamfers integral) I needed to produce some new ones, but these needed to occupy the chamfer space in the adjacent panels as well as produce a chamfer in the infill panel.

Am I making sense here? :) Chamfer chamfer chamfer, chamfer chamfer…

The short story was that I needed to cut two corners off four pieces of 90x45x2.6m pine, which I didn’t have. I contemplated ripping down some of the 140x45 boards I have from the slab formwork to 90x45, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it so it was off to Seymour to pick up some of the right ones.

I think these took about 4 hours to make, primarily because my table saw blade has only about a 65mm reach, which when the bevel ripping guide is taken into account is about 5mm too short to make a full cut through the pine. So most of my day was spend with a chisel, trimming the excess.

Fitting the chamfers (and the expansion joint foam, which I nearly forgot) to the walls / forms turned out to be a difficult, fiddly job too so lots more time and expletives were lost. I finally got there around 5pm, just as the sun cried enough.

There’s going to be a fair amount of frigging around tomorrow with the clamping bolts, so this panel may be slow going…

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