Thursday, March 1, 2012

Air fittings

So I dropped into Pirtek this morning with the throttle from the air rammer, to get the fittings I need to make up my hoses. I measured the thread (female, and kinda hard to measure.. now there’s a metaphor!) with my thread gauge and digital callipers, and it appeared to match the specs for 1/2” NPT. Thing is, NPT fittings are an American standard and kinda hard to come by here; we seem to use BSP (British Standard Pipe) threads.

Luckily, it turns out that 1/2” NPT and 1/2” BSP are the same thread :) So I now have everything I need to make up the hose for the rammer, bar the actual hose itself. Pirtek had the right stuff, but wanted nearly $80 for a 20m reel. eBay to the rescue once again, $46 delivered from Dandenong for the same stuff…

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