Friday, March 30, 2012

Yippee! It's a wall!

Core filling this morning went perfectly, I had a bit of a mad scramble setting up a work platform along the wall before the pump arrived, but got it done and got the cores wetted down nicely before the concrete arrived.

The first shot from the pump was a little dry, but after we added some water to the mixer it flowed beautifully, only needing a little rodding with a rebar offcut to encourage it to the bottom of the wall.  We took a 20 minute break after filling the wall half way to allow the first lift to go off a little, then poured the rest.

My fears of blowing out blocks were largely unfounded - we took it slow and the blocks which I thought would cause a problem were fine.  I did spot one block towards the top of the wall which had cracked after I laid it (but before we filled it) so I braced that one to make sure it didn’t move.  It didn’t 8)

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