Friday, March 9, 2012

Cursed steel!

Curse this steel reinforcement!

In order to ease the construction of the lower courses of the retaining wall, I cut the stem bars to 2.0m height so I could lift the blocks over the bars while standing on the ground. However, the wall needs to be 2.5m high so I’ve got another 1.0m of stem bars to cut and wire up (allowing for overlap) at precisely 2.52m total height before I can lay the remaining 4 courses.

This is taking a while - 3 hours so far to do just over a third of the wall. It’s complicated by the fact that I now have to work on a scaffold … of sorts, actually a plank on broken concrete blocks…

I had hoped to get the Hilux alongside the wall as a moving platform, but there’s just no way it’ll fit between the wall and the pallets of blocks. Bugger.

I WILL get this wall finished this long weekend, though…

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