Monday, March 19, 2012

Oooh, bugger.

I spent a little time this evening in Sketchup, ticking off a few items from my list of to-dos in the model. Mainly tonight this was drawing the roof structure over the pump room, a valuable exercise as yet again I’ve discovered one or two small gotcha’s before I made them.


Panning the camera around the back of the retaining wall, I realised I haven’t drawn the required screened air vents into the power room. Ok, no big dea .. oh, wait. I’ve already built this wall!

Damn. I haven’t installed any vents.

It’s too late now - I’ve booked the concrete and the pump for this Friday, and even if I could source the correct vents between now and then (which I can’t) I wouldn’t be able to install them in time. That would require removing blocks from at least two courses, including the horizontal rebar (which would mean removing the whole course). Not going to happen.

So, looks like I’ll be boring through the wall after it’s filled to install some 100mm PVC pipe vents…

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