Friday, March 23, 2012

A sign of things to come?

Gearing up to core fill this wall this morning, I called the pump operator at 9am to see how he was progressing with his first job, and what time I could expect him here so I could have the concrete here on time.

Turns out I can’t.

Apparently his pump is playing up on this job and he’s worried about it packing it in completely in the middle of ours.

Just between you, me and the Internet I actually suspect he doesn’t want to bring his truck (which is actually rather new) down to our site as it’s a little bit wet, and he’s worried about getting it back out again. Which given Mr. Steel’s adventures might not be terribly unwise.

So there’ll be no concrete happening today. I’m expecting this place to stay “a little bit wet” now until November, so I wonder how much progress I’ll make over winter…

Oh well, I’ll crack on with making the forms for my rammed earth walls instead. Always something to do :)

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