Friday, March 2, 2012

Aaand that'll do me for today

As I hoped, this course literally flew by - the painstaking levelling is paying dividends now, with this course requiring few tweaks with the plastic wedges. Probably half the blocks in this course just sat down in place, perfectly level.

One thing I am finding though is that all blocks are not created equal. I’ve found some are short by a few mm, and some tall by a few - I’ve had two blocks side by side with nearly 5mm difference in height. Occasionally I’ll place a block and it’ll be a terrible fit, and I can swap it with another from a different pallet and that one will be much better. It sure is a pain in the arse (or more accurately, back) lifting the blocks back over the stem bars though…

I wonder if most brickies pay this much attention to detail? :)

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