Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long weekend!

Yay!! It’s a long weekend in Victoria this weekend, so I’ll have 4 days (well, 3½ given the kids have their regular Sunday morning swimming comp in Yarraville) to attack the wall and make some progress. The weather is looking promising too!

I’m paying Ewan to make up wire ties for me at the princely sum of 10c each, so the task of wiring up the steel rebar should be made much faster with less stuffing around. My inner optimist wants to believe I can get the remaining 6 courses done this weekend after all :)

Sketchup is paying more dividends too - with the wall approaching its design height I’ve been thinking about how the rest of the building interfaces with it - the roof above the pump room and the slab above the shipping container in particular. By drawing in all the rebar and the ligatures for the first floor suspended slab I’ve realised that I’m going to need more of them for the slab above the container, and threaded rod in the other end of the wall to attach the roof structure above the pump room (which I’ve yet to draw at all).

Honestly, without something like Sketchup I don’t think I’d be able to preempt stuff like this, causing tons of rework and workarounds later in the piece. I’m starting to realise too all the detail I haven’t drawn yet which is probably a good thing :)

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