Friday, March 2, 2012

Um, this is a problem...

The last time we had steel delivered (for the garage slab) it arrived on a crane tray truck, which was *very* heavily laden with what must have been 20 tonnes of steel. Ours was the first delivery, and after unloading our little order the truckie needed to turn his truck around and get back up the hill.

That was in January, and there had been very little rain so he took his truck forwards down the hill slightly and turned around in the area which will house our worm farm leach drain. This area is not terribly steep, but even so I thought he was crazy for trying that - there’s no way I would have taken that truck down there. He knew his machine well though, and drove straight out and on to his next delivery.

Today, the same guy arrived with our steel but this time ours was the only order. The “boss” wanted to send our order out with the other deliveries for the day, but they were going out on a semi-trailer which wouldn’t have been able to get down to the house site, so our truckie stepped in and brought it up himself. Good man!

As I mentioned earlier in the week we had a lot of rain up here (our dam was nearly empty last week, and now it’s nearly full!) We thought better of turning the truck around the same way as last time as the ground was quite wet, but Truckie came up with a plan and set off to turn around. Problem was, he put his nose too far down the hill and didn’t have enough traction (being unladen) to reverse back up, so he bit the bullet and eased forward to turn the truck around as he did last time. Only trouble is, he doesn’t have the traction to get the truck back up the hill!!

It’s been an hour so far of try-this, and try-that, but all we’ve managed to accomplish is a muddy mess. I think I’m going to warm up the bobcat and see if we can’t pull him out with it…

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