Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's the one after entree called?

So this morning I got stuck into laying the second course, expecting this one to fly by but .. it doesn’t matter how careful you are and how many times you check the level, something always stuffs up. Quite a few blocks in the first course had shifted ever-so-slightly (probably when I set the block next to them) so I ended up adjusting the level and position of the second course tirelessly.. it probably took between 5 and 10 minutes to lay each block by the time I cleaned the beds of debris, placed the block, checked the level, tweaked the level with plastic wedges, checked again, adjusted the block next to it, checked again, etc etc.

Good result though:

I also used up my stock of N12 rebar to place and wire most of the extended vertical stems. I’m not looking forward to having to heft the blocks 2m into the sky and over these bars next week though… gym? Who needs a gym?

In other news, this behemoth showed up, another eBay score:

It’s bigger than it looks in the photo - the tank is about 1.2m long!! 15 HP petrol motor, 42CFM free air delivery (not sure I believe this, but we’ll find out in a few weeks) and loud!! I don’t think it’s going to struggle to supply my rammed earth tamper…

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  1. Simon, Have you used the compressor in the picture? How did it hold up with one rammer?
    If you are happy with it will you send me the model and make? Thanks Dave