Monday, February 13, 2012

Engineer's approval :)

I finally got the official approval from the structural engineer yesterday that we’re clear to use rammed earth for the internal load bearing wall! :)

His calculations suggest we’ll need to use SL918 steel mesh centrally inside the wall as reinforcement, but we’d need that (or equivalent) in a concrete block masonry wall anyway so there’s no surprise there. So it’s full steam ahead!

I hope to order the masonry (Boral Connex, dry-stacked concrete blockwork) for the retaining wall in the next day or two, with any luck for delivery on Friday when the plan is to get a full complement of ramming forms built up, and keep all my fingers firmly attached to my hands…

The other imperative is to find a pneumatic rammer, to hire cheap or to buy (cheap ;) ). There’s currently one on eBay I have my eye on in the US which I could have delivered for AU$450, so if it looks like the hire cost for the duration will approach that sort of money, I’ll just buy one and on-sell it later.

(Oh, and I feel I should give our engineer a bit of a plug here:

Knows his stuff, and provides awesome service :) )

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