Monday, February 27, 2012

A little load off

Spoke to the building inspector this afternoon to find out what he wanted to inspect with this retaining wall. Someone mentioned recently that their inspector wanted to see every piece of rebar wired into place, which when you’re building a concrete block wall basically means they have to be there to watch you build it, as there is rebar every other course.

I was starting to get a little bit worried about this, but thankfully our inspector is a little more pragmatic about it - after I explained how the wall is being built and with what reinforcement, he’s agreed that they only need to inspect before it gets core filled with concrete grout as he’ll be able to see enough of the reo to confirm that I’ve done a good job :)

That’s a relief.. it means I can just get on with it! :D

(Now, let’s hope the site hasn’t washed away in the downpour today - the Hume Freeway was underwater at Tallarook, which means there was a lot of rain!)

(picture courtesy Leigh Mason, an Instagram user who happened to tweet about it as they drove by!)

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