Friday, February 10, 2012

Soil Testing

As planned, I ran a couple of tests using our soil this morning. The only problem is that I’m still no wiser as to the soil composition.

According to the BrightGreen document, the soil should separate into aggregates, sand and clay. Trouble is, mine looks like this:

I can’t really see any layering in the sample at all. So it’s either all clay, all silt, or I just don’t know what I’m doing :)

Regardless, I pressed on with the formwork and have now finished and assembled one set.

Nice internal chamfers, to give the corners some good definition.

These were a bit of a challenge to cut on the table saw, especially given that earlier in the day I managed to misjudge the blade and cut a very nice groove in the end of my right middle finger. Ouch!!!

The other job on the agenda today was to clear out the trench between the slab and the cutting, in order to install some ag pipe for drainage. There is still one piece of formwork in place there which really doesn’t want to be removed, and I’m splintering it and making a real mess in the process. It’s gotta come out though, because this has to go in:

The only problem is that there’s now thunder and lightning going off all around, with a real threat of rain so I’ve had to pack everything up. Of course, it’s not raining and probably won’t, either…

Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually be able to get earth into a form!

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