Friday, February 3, 2012

Running around

Lots of running around today.  I had one of our 1000L tanks on the back of the Hilux full of water, so had to get that up to Tallarook and decant it into the other (empty) tank.  It’s always fun driving with a tonne on the tray, nose pointing to the sky.  I’m always impressed by this Hilux, it’ll do anything and go anywhere.

With the water unloaded, it was back to Melbourne to fit the carry bars to the ‘lux so I could pick up the materials for the rammed earth forms, then back up to Tallarook.  It was 6pm by the time I got there, so decided my first stop would be the pub for dinner :)

This is what greeted my by the time I finally got up to the block.  Warm, still, the kookaburras engaged in their competition and this view.  If I ever lose sight of the goal of building up here, remind me of this…

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