Friday, May 31, 2013


It looks like I'm not going to get a lot done this weekend. I arrived last night to some of the thickest fog I've ever experienced - I could barely see the road in front of the Hilux, and on at least two occasions found myself driving into the ditch at less than walking speed!

Aside from that, it's wet! I don't have a rain gauge yet, but there must have been a fair bit of rain yesterday because the whole place is a soggy muddy mess and although there was no rain today (so far) the Bureau thinks it's going to belt down tomorrow, so it's going to get worse before it gets better.

The wet meant that the gravel delivery I had tee'd up didn't happen - there's no way a truck could have got back out of the building site, so it was called off. Add to that that the solar electrician called off his visit too as one of his kids was sick, and it's been a slow day.

At least Savva the Plumber showed up! He spent the day inside upstairs completing the water and gas plumbing, and setting up the laundry trough downstairs. He'll be back during the week when it's drier to finish off the roof flashing, and then hopefully again the week afterwards to begin (and complete!) the sewer install and possibly even the solar hot water service.

If it's not too atrocious tomorrow I'll see if I can't pick up some old railway sleepers, to use as a frame for my water tank stands. I don't know how much else I'll get done...

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