Friday, May 10, 2013

Beautiful, beautiful glass

The glazier arrived this morning, early to begin the installation of the sashless units in our frames. I shouldn't be surprised, but I find it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning when I know I have someone arriving to work on site! :)

As I've never installed them before, I was certain that I'd need to make some running adjustments to the fitment of the window frames to accommodate the sashless glass units, but to my not insignificant surprise the fitter had no problems whatsoever installing them, with virtually no adjustment necessary!

I don't know what it is, but I must be doing something right!

The units went in in halves:

.. and the finished product!

The top and bottom leaves of the window are connected with sash cords, so when we lift the bottom pane, the top pane drops by the same amount. Cracking the windows open top and bottom in this way will be fantastic in summer evenings, allowing hot air to escape at the top and cooler air enter the building at the bottom.

That's the theory, anyway :)

I spent most of my day (attempting to) install the upstairs double doors. Don't be fooled by this pic.. they're actually just propped there and not yet hung.

These have been giving me nothing but grief. Although the frame is perfectly square measuring identically on each diagonal, the doors just don't fit very well. Something's not square, and I don't know what it is - I can get one door spot on, but then the other is miles out. I eventually ran out of light (and not patience this time, surprisingly) and had just enough light to snap one more picture of the windows :) 

I'll fight with them again in the morning, after I pay a visit to a timber yard in my search for some hardwood slabs to use as stair treads :)

I love having glass!! It finally feels like "inside" upstairs! :)

By about 3pm the glazier finished up, and he'll return on Monday to fit the garage glass.

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