Friday, May 3, 2013

More frames

Back into it again this morning, and I'm determined to get all the window frames installed this weekend so I can get the glaziers out to install the sashless units. The closer I get to being locked up, the sooner I want to get there!

I've settled on my method for adjusting the Hebel at the window openings, after stuffing around with my technique on the first couple.

First, I sit the frame more-or-less in position, and measure it across the diagonals to confirm that it's perfectly square. Then, I shuffle it over so that it's as flush with one side of the Hebel as possible (each window opening has one panel which has been cut, and one which has not. It's easier cutting the one which hasn't yet been cut, since there's no rebar for the first 80mm or so of panel), then mark off the position of the frame against the panel I'm going to cut.

Once I've transferred that position to the outside of the panel, I'm then making a few horizontal cuts with a jack saw down to my mark:

.. and then breaking the sections off with a chisel, and using the chisel to tidy up the cut.

 This gives me a nice clear straight starting point for my main cut, and I just follow my line with a jack saw.

This has to be the only time I've ever enjoyed working with the Hebel panels. Cutting them this way is a joy; the hand saw rips through the AAC with ease and leaves a nice smooth, clean and straight surface. I'm not however very good at keeping my cut square front-to-back, so I have to go back afterwards and fix that up with the saw and a sanding float; not an issue really as it's only the outer edge of the cut which will ever be seen - the rest is concealed by the window frame.

With the frame installed, it's starting to look the goods! :) The frames will be sealed to the Hebel panels with a fire proof polyurethane sealant.

So with my technique sorted out, I managed to finish installing all 8 window frames in the garage and in the dying daylight also installed the 900x900 fixed pane window in the roof section. They're all as square across the diagonals as I can measure, so with luck that's good enough for the sashless units!

Tomorrow's job is to break the back of the upstairs windows.

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