Friday, May 24, 2013

Last of the glazing

After a false start last week - the double glazed unit apparently wasn't finished in time to make the delivery truck to Shepparton - the glaziers arrived today with the big pane for the upstairs window.

Heavy, too - around 150kg!

It took four of us to carry it from the trailer to the building, and I then got out of the way of the professionals and let them install it.


For the rest of the day I studiously avoided all things Hebel and instead got busy preparing the area outside the upstairs unit, which will be (along with the shipping container) covered with a concrete slab to form an outdoor patio area.

First up, there were a few young saplings which needed to be removed. I really hated doing it, but they chose to grow in possibly the worst available spot and so I strapped them to the bobcat and just pulled them out of the ground.

With the space clear I began to weigh my options in terms of what to attack first. The space between the cutting and the shipping container needs to be filled with gravel, but before I can do that I needed to waterproof the container with a tanking membrane.

Ugh, that tanking membrane - the one which flat-out refused to cure about this time last year, because the temperature was too low. How is it that I've managed to wait until now to attempt this job again!?

Anyway, in the spirit of doing things in the correct order (not always my strong suit, that) I bit the bullet and dug the half-a-drum of the latex/bitumen coating out of the container and got my roller on.

Whaddya know, it's warm enough still for this stuff to cure! :)

Tomorrow I'll backfill the void there with the gravel I have on hand. It won't be enough to finish the job, but I'll have 20-or-so truckloads of the stuff arriving in a few weeks to fill the sewer trenches, so I dare say I'll be able to nick a little of that to finish backfilling against the container.

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