Saturday, May 4, 2013

A few more window frames

A few more window frames installed today - five of the eight windows upstairs in, plumbed and square!

There was a little bit of stuffing around with the Hebel today, but by and large the panels in this part of the building were close to the right size and in the right place :)

The three I have to do tomorrow however... one will require the circular saw, as there's at least 200mm width of Hebel to take out. The second is the biiiig 3.2 x 2.1m window, which I can't lift by myself and will need help with.. and the third - I have no idea if that one will be easy or difficult :)

One little win today however was the fit of the frames in my openings upstairs. These were the first stud frames that I put up, and in my inexperience I sized the openings to the sizes on the working drawings - without allowing "wiggle room" for the window frames to be plumbed and squared. Thankfully when I met with the guys from Homeview Windows when I placed the order, we discussed this little problem and they sized the window frames accordingly. As a result these are a little smaller (10mm) than the windows downstairs, but they went into the openings without a fuss. So far I've been extremely impressed with these guys - let's see how this holds up when the glazing happens :)

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