Monday, May 27, 2013

Lots of planning

On my plate at the moment, in no particular order:

  1. Finding a CEC-approved electrician to discuss our solar & electrical install. Why won't anybody answer their phone!?
  2. Finalising the solar PV system design and purchasing all the bits.
  3. Finding someone to render the Hebel walls. This is one of those jobs I could probably do and would probably be good at, but I wouldn't be good at it until the end of the job. Better for someone else :)
  4. Finding someone to polish the concrete floor of the unit. See previous job.
  5. Sourcing steel door jambs for the big garage doors and pump room door.
  6. Designing & building the garage doors.
  7. Sourcing rainwater tanks.
  8. Sourcing railway sleepers & crushed rock for the tank stands [mostly done].
  9. Sourcing the solar hot water service.
  10. Figuring out how best to attach the rainwater guttering directly to the tin sheets. I had hoped to have a custom quad profile made up with a little return at the rear into which we could screw, but that plan has fallen through. Plan B involves rivetting a 90ยบ angle to the back of the gutter and screwing that to the tin. We'll experiment with this on Friday when Savva is on site.
  11. Organising the septic system installation.
  12. Finding an affordable plywood internal lining system which suits 2700-high walls. Easier said than done.
  13. Finding an affordable source of miniature orb corrugated sheet. Definitely easier said than done.
  14. Finish installing all the little fiddly Hebel bits and pieces
  15. Seal up all the expansion joints and around window and door frames with the fire-proof polyurethane sealant.
  16. Finish backfilling against the shipping container.
  17. Finalise plans for the concrete slab over the container and onto the hillside.
  18. Build the forms for, and then build the internal rock wall down the spine of the dwelling.
  19. Design and have quoted the 2mm steel flashings we need on the external timber faces of all window and door frames.
  20. Find a supplier of stainless-steel fly wire screens.
  21. Find a supplier of BAL-FZ compliant fire shutters.
Once I've done all that I can think about beginning the internal fitout...

Did I mention our building permit expires in early August!?

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  1. Sounds like you could use a hand. If only there was a long weekend coming up..!