Monday, May 6, 2013

All done!

The last of the frames went in yesterday, mostly without a fight. There was a little tweaking of the stud openings for the last two (the big upstairs window and its neighbour) but nothing too painful.

I'm particularly pleased with the fit of the big window frame - I was convinced my stud framework was out of square (even though I measured it and braced it before it was erected) and because the big frame is perfectly square and braced thus, I was sure it wasn't going to fit - especially with only 10mm of wiggle room in each direction. There was a little bit of tweaking required with a planer, but not much!

So with all of the frames installed, today I booked the glazier to install the sashless units on Friday this week, and the big double-glazed fixed central pane of the upstairs window the week after, which will give me time to build a platform over the void underneath the window. This pane alone weighs in at about 150kg, so it needs to be solid...!

My next task is to design and fabricate the frames for the garage barn doors. Once I have these done (and the pump room door) then I'll be all locked up!

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