Friday, May 17, 2013

An update on the glazing

The sashless unit installer finished up the garage windows on Monday in my absence, so we now have a full complement of double-hung windows installed. They're a beautiful thing :)

I had been expecting the second glazier to arrive today to install the big fixed double-glazed unit upstairs, but I got a call from them yesterday advising that the unit hadn't been finished in time to be loaded on the truck for delivery to Shepparton (all this subcontracting.. who knows where it's all coming from) and so that one will be deferred until next week.

So with no pressing need to be onsite at sparrow's this morning I decided to spend the night in Melbourne and come up this morning instead.. which meant I didn't actually arrive until about 1pm and so my day was rather truncated.

I did however manage to finish installing the rear garage door - I began hanging it last week but ran out of day, so today I got the door furniture all installed and set it up square, then gave it a coat of linseed oil. Is nice!

The rest of my weekend will be spent finishing off the little bits of Hebel I still need to do (ugh) and when, not if, I get sick of that I might begin excavating the hillside beside the upstairs unit in preparation for setting up the concrete slab over the shipping container, which will form an outdoor patio area.

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