Sunday, May 26, 2013

More earthworks

The bobcat put in another hard day's labour today, tidying up the side and preparing for the installation of a couple of water tanks. First up was to take a chunk out of the hill behind the shipping container, in order to nestle the tank in nice and close, out of the way.

I didn't get as much out as I wanted, because right about here there's a big seam of rock in the way. This seam has been in my way pretty much every step of the way - it got in the way of the shipping container and retaining wall, it got in the way of the upper slab-on-ground footings, and now it's in the way of my tank stand.

With my back being as sore as it is, I chose not to fit the rock breaker and so I just chipped away at it with the backhoe bucket. I got enough out to keep me happy, so it'll do :)

The next job was the spot outside the pump room, which is where I'll be siting a slimline tank to catch the rain off the south facing roof slopes. Ultimately I'm going to trim the hillside back even more than I have now and build a little curved rock retaining wall to pick up the line of the road, but this'll do for now.

I took the opportunity with the spoil to bring up the level of the forecourt outside the garage a little, in preparation for laying down some crushed rock. I do love having the bobcat and spreader bar; it makes this sort of job a pleasant one :)

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