Sunday, December 8, 2013

More ceilings

With a hard deadline, I'm working like a trojan to get these ceilings installed. Nenad has us booked in to install the lighting on Monday the 16th, and he's going away with the family for Christmas on the 18th so there's no room for delay.

I'm attacking these in a very specific order, laid down by the order in which the iron is stacked outside :) They're stacked in sizes - the long 4.9m sheets for the living room on top, then the 3.6m sheets for the bedrooms and bathrooms, then the 3.9m sheets for the kitchen. So to avoid unnecessary double handling (and the associated hernia) that's the order in which I'm installing them.

So it's on with the bedrooms! First the battens:

Then the tin:

Right about here however my true skill with a spirit level began to show. None of the walls are exactly, perfectly plumb...

.. which means in this room the space between the top plates is narrowing slightly as I complete the ceiling. And since I measured the spacing at floor level (d'oh!) the tin is 3.6m long, which is fine until the wall spacing approaches 3.6m itself. Then there's no wiggle room to get the sheets into place, so they've had to be shortened a little.

No big deal, just extra time on the angle grinder I'd hoped to avoid.

After lunch the boys must have become bored with the iPad because both Ewan and Rhys volunteered themselves to help. And help they did! The tin in the last room flew up in record time with them arguing cooperating over who got to operate the sheet lifter while I manoeuvred the sheets into position.

So the nett result is that by the end of the weekend I have most of the ceilings installed already, with another weekend up my sleeve before the lighting install. I do get the feeling however that I'll need the extra time, as it's becoming apparent that one should probably install the ceilings before the kitchen cabinets...

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