Saturday, December 14, 2013

Almost finished these ceilings...

My plan today is to break the back of the rest of the ceilings. First up, the last piece in the bathroom:

.. then the battens over the kitchen. Hoisting tin up over the kitchen cabinets is going to be the fun bit...

The first piece of tin went up pretty easily, with the hoist hard up against the kitchen cabinet. But the next one is directly over it, so I'm going to see whether or not I can get the sheet up with the host at the end of the cabinet.

First, getting it into position:

This one feels like it wants to slide off the hoist when I lift it. We don't want that... a little judicious clamping should take care of it.

It's off the deck! Note that I've unintentionally placed a little incentive on the kitchen cabinet - my laptop and bluetooth speaker. If I drop this sheet, the laptop gets it!





It's up!!

I'm amazed the hoist managed to do it - look at where it's positioned on the sheet; less than a third from the end. How it didn't tip over I have no idea.

In comparison, the next one looks easy!

Up we go!


The last one. I'm stunned to discover that the space remaining is precisely equal to the coverage of the last sheet, down to the millimetre. Of course, I planned it this way all along (!!!  Total coincidence!)

And we're done. I have to say I thought hoisting the sheets up in the kitchen would be far more troublesome than it's turned out. That sheet lifter is worth its weight!

Next up: Pantry ceiling. This one the sheet lifter couldn't help me with, so I used my head instead!

With just about all the tin in place, next I'm turning my attention to the last 20% (which accordingly, looks like it'll take 80% of the time). In order to ensure I:

a) got all the ceilings up in time, and
b) had enough screws to do it;

I only affixed the sheets with two or three rows of screws. Now I have to go back over the whole place and finish them off...

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