Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Benchtop delays

I spoke to the stonemason today, it turns out his saw has been out of action for much of the week and so he's a few days delayed with our job. So we may be looking at installation mid next week instead of Friday this week.

I'm not too upset about this actually. I still have to get the ceiling up over the kitchen, which I was planning to get done this weekend. It will be much easier doing this without the stonemason in the way installing bench tops!

So the plan for the immediate future is to get the ceilings all finished this weekend in time for Nenad to install the lighting on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully around then we'll have the bench tops installed and Savva can come back in to finish off the plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom. Meanwhile Barrie should be on site to finish the rendering by the end of next week.

Cross fingers! :)

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