Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bathroom tiling

While I've been cracking on with the ceilings, Alissa has been here working on tiling the shower. We've chosen (again) an unorthodox tile - they're quite dark, a sort of charcoal colour with an earthy hint of chocolate in the right light. Big too, at 600x300x10mm!

We looked at various installation orientations thanks to Google image search - vertical, "bricked" or horizontally stacked - and through a process of elimination (I didn't like vertical, and positively hated bricked) we decided to horizontally stack them.

The phone camera doesn't do the best job of capturing the colour...

... but Alissa is doing a fantastic job!

This shot gives you some idea of the texture to the colouring. They're not nearly this light in colour - the top left hand tile is probably the closest to real life.

We'll be using a mid-grey grout, which will highlight the tiles nicely I think. I hope :)

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