Friday, December 20, 2013

Commissioning the kitchen!

With the benchtops successfully installed it's time to get this kitchen cooking!!

We have a functioning sink!!

After a little fiddling with the position of the gas pipe, the stove is installed and working! This is a major milestone :)

With Savva finished up I turned my attention to another important detail. With something like 30 family members joining us for Christmas, I thought one or two might like a little privacy in the bathroom. What better way than installing a door!

First, the frame. This took a lot of fiddling around to get cut to the right size, then plumb in the (not so plumb) stud frame. I really must talk to the carpenter about that.....

With the jamb set up properly the door went in pretty easily.

I'm getting the hang of using a chisel to rebate hinges :)

Next detail - the door furniture!

Aaand, finished!!


In my haste I grabbed the wrong lever set from the box. Being the bathroom, I've got a "privacy lockset" for this door to allow it to be locked from the inside. Except I didn't grab that one.. and the one I did grab has a 70mm backset (the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the door handle). Of course, the correct privacy set has a 60mm backset, doesn't it.. which means I can't install it in this door because the hole is in the wrong place!!

So it looks like I've got a bedroom door here all fitted up. I'll grab another door off the pile tomorrow and try again :)


  1. Hi Simon
    Hope you and your family and this hoem is safe in teh current bushfires, please let us know how it's going

  2. Hi Simon
    Are you all OK with teh bushfires, please give us a update

  3. Hey Simon - hanging out for an update!!
    Hope you are not being affected by the fires - I noticed today there is a grassfire in Tallarook.
    The place is really starting to take shape.

  4. Hope everything is going well with the house! Got some serious blog withdrawal