Monday, December 16, 2013

Lights.. camera ..

Hole saw!!

After an awfully uncivilised start to the morning at something-past-five and a mad round trip dash to Craigieburn, I have my hole saw!

And it's made its first hole!

This is how the lights will look in the ceiling (if you stand on your head!) :)

Without the ply, it's ugly...

Hole saw at the ready and positions marked, and the first holes are cut.


The hole saw makes tiny sharp red hot shrapnel, and throws it off in every direction. I'm dressed up like a white Oompa Loompa in my insulation-installer coveralls, with goggles and earmuffs and I'm still getting pelted. Nasty job!

I'm told we have steel-eating ceiling gophers!

Here's the first light unit installed.

It's full steam ahead now!

It's cut about 18 holes in the tin, and this is what the hole saw looks like now. A couple of hours ago and it had teeth...

It's not cutting anything else in this lifetime. I wonder if they'll take it back under warranty?? :)

The switchboard is looking very, very full. And it's not finished yet!

A quick aside - I saw these at Bunnings yesterday for only $55, so I grabbed one this morning. Nice!

But, drum roll please.

We have light!!

I'm particularly pleased with the stair lighting. One of the units has an internal loose wire which I can fix, but I need my soldering iron which I don't have on site. So it'll wait.

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