Friday, July 26, 2013

Well, I made it!

I made it up to the house site last night, albeit slowly. At stages there on the Hume I was down to second gear doing 40km/h, with the trucks whizzing past and threatening to blow me off the road! Thankfully they all picked me as a slow moving vehicle and went around...

Getting up the mountain was another job altogether, reminiscent of my towing the bobcat up the hill! I got about half way before requiring first gear, but soon after first wasn't low enough and I had to stop to engage 4WD and low range. At the steepest section it needed low range first, and was smelling hot and overworked by the time I got to the top. I did get to the top, though..

Hilux - unbreakable! :)

I had to unload the packs by hand - two sheets at a time. That was hard enough work, but the thought of having to lug these upstairs and put them on the wall is harder work!

Also this morning the first two water tanks arrived - a 6kL for around the back of the garage, and a 2kL slimline which will go alongside my test rammed earth wall.

I'm finally in the rainwater catching business!! :)

The other thing I brought with me last night was 150m of 50mm poly water pipe for the run up the hill to the main header tank. Savva and I unrolled it into my trench today, and he'll fit it off next week when the next tanks arrive.

Nenad is here today (although I suspect he should still be at home in bed, he's still that sick) to hopefully complete the garage wiring!

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