Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lots of ply!

I picked up the wall lining plywood today - 130 sheets of 12mm grade BC plywood. I had originally wanted to use the grade A ply that the supplier had available, but he only had 40 sheets at $35ea - he could get more, but they would have been more expensive.

So, we've compromised - these BC sheets are still pretty good; no knots in the good face, sanded pretty smooth and $32ea. There won't be a lot of finishing required hopefully...

130 sheets of this stuff is heavy, though! There are 80 to a pack, so I've ended up with one full pack and a short pack of 50 (plus a handful of 18mm boards for my battery box). They don't quite fit on a 14.5 foot car trailer, but don't overhang by much.

The poor old Hilux! It's not keen on towing this much weight - it'll do it, but it's slow going with my top speed around 80km/h on the flat... and I've got 100km of hilly Hume Highway to navigate!

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