Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This week...

  • Order the 12mm plywood lining for the upstairs walls. We found a supplier in Braybrook with some beautiful A grade ply - $32 per sheet, 130 sheets. More expensive than plasterboard for sure, but there's only a few things I hate more than plastering.
  • Order a 150m spool of 50mm poly water supply pipe.
I'll pick up both of these on Thursday.

On Friday the first two water tanks are arriving, and I'm hoping to have the electrician on site to finish off the garage and make a start on the solar panel mounts while I get the battery box built and the batteries wired together. I was hoping to have the power system up and running by the end of the month, but Nenad hasn't been able to make it the past few weeks and so the schedule is slipping a little.

I can't wait to have power though - imagine, being able to work indoors after dark and without running the generator!!

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