Friday, July 19, 2013


We have batteries! 

The truck arrived about midday, but it was quite long and high with a lazy axle and no diff lock, so in the wet there was absolutely no chance of it getting onto the property, let along down to the house site.

Unload at the side of the road, then.. but they're heavy little suckers...

Too heavy for the bobcat to lift, as it happens. They arrived in two wooden crates, each weighing about 650kg and too narrow to get both bobcat forks under. It took a couple of ratchet straps to lift them off the truck's tailgate, but there was no way I could get them onto the back of the Hilux. I could lift the cases about a foot into the air before the bobcat gently tipped forward...

The solution: unpack them at the roadside, two at a time. They conveniently have rope handles for hefting them around, and so a couple of hooked straps over the bobcat fork had them out of the cases and onto the Hilux in no time.

It would have been a fair bit easier last week when it was dry, but after only four and a half hours I had them unloaded in the garage.

Now.. to hook them up!

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