Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trenching complete

A quick dash to Seymour this morning for more hydraulic oil, and after feeding 20L to the bobcat I got stuck back into the trenching.

Oh, and I took a few more photos this time too! :)

The trench up from the pump room to the first junction box, at the inlet to the house:

.. then from there up the hill to the tank site.

Yes, that's fog.

Yes, it hung around all day.

YES, it's been bloody cold!!! :)

Before shot. Note the pink highlighter on the ground to guide my way.


(The eagled eyed will notice this isn't the same perspective as the 'before' shot. I claim artistic licence! :) )

.. and the culprit. This is perhaps the most benign position the machine has been in during the whole job!

In total, 120m of trench dug in what amounts to one full day's digging, and aside from pushing over two already-dead tree trunks, no trees were harmed in the making. Happy with that!

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