Sunday, July 14, 2013


Measured, drew, cut and welded up the second set of doors today. I had planned to get them welded and clad today, but a minor brain fart saw me cut 45º angles on the pieces of steel which needed 90º and because I bought just enough for the job I don't have enough to correct my mistake.

So I have some very lovely half-finished door frames all welded up, but that's that.

So this week, the plan is:

  • Buy some more steel so I can finish the doors.
  • Buy the hinges and drop bolts so I can lock the things!
  • Order water tanks.
  • Source ~200m of 50mm poly water supply pipe
  • Buy a new chainsaw bar and a ripping chain so I can finish cutting the sleeper-stair-treads.
  • Buy the rest of the electrical fittings we need to finish the garage
  • Buy some ply so I can build a box for the batteries, and clad the inside of the garage doors
  • Pray for dry weather so I can get the batteries delivered on Friday!
A normal week, then...


  1. Hi Simon,
    Wow! You are almost done! Such an incredible job you have done. Your family must be itching to get into your new home.

    1. Hi Sue,

      I wish were were almost done!! There's SO much still to do - I've barely begun to think about the internal fit-out, and haven't done anything about fire shutters or screens. The exterior has to be rendered (and the Hebel finished besides!), concrete floor upstairs to be polished, a kitchen to install, a rock wall (upstairs) to be built, stairs to be cut and dressed ... the list is endless!

      I'm aiming for a major milestone by the end of August though - I WILL have power and water! I am SO looking forward to a flushing toilet! :)

      -- Simon

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