Friday, March 1, 2013

Finishing off the roof structure

It's been a long time coming but I've finally put the finishing touches to the roof structure in preparation for the tin installation next week.

I definitely learned my lesson with the wall truss structure at the other end of the vaulted roof last weekend. That took me the better part of three days to build and erect, and I'm stuffed if I'm going to spend that long on the other end - I just don't have that much time to spare. If I'm going to get the tin installed late next week, then this weekend I need to not only build the north-end truss wall but also finish installing the underpurlins / battens on both roofs, and ideally install the missing bits of Hebel too.

So, no messing around then.

What took me three days last weekend I've basically managed to knock over in one day today. Rather than cut and assemble the frame on the ground and (attempt to) lift it into place, I cut the timbers and assembled the frame in place using the roof as a working platform. Given that I've not yet installed the Hebel panels at this end of the dwelling this was a little easier, as I have clear access to fix the trussed wall frame off.

Thankfully this weekend I remembered to bring my laptop with me, so there was less time stuffing around with pencil and paper and calculator :)

So (allowing for a later-than-normal start due to arriving later-than-normal last night) by lunchtime I had the guts of the frame built and in place. Since this wall incorporates a window, and I'm framing with my 90x45 timbers sideways to match the thickness of the rafters I took the extra time to trench the rafters to positively locate my studs, instead of relying solely on the ply bracing to do the job. This took a little extra time, but I'm feeling much more secure about the wall structure as a result.

The afternoon was spent analysing my remaining plywood and making it go as far as I possibly could. Before starting this wall I have basically two full sheets of ply left, and a few offcuts. The south wall took four sheets...

Thankfully I had just enough offcuts the right shape and size, and used one of my last two full sheets to clad the frame completely. The window opening certainly helped here :)

So that's it for the roof structure - it's all finished, with one sheet of plywood left over. Nothing like paying for your own materials to keep waste to a minimum! :)

Tomorrow's job - finish installing the battens on the dwelling roof, and get them all on the garage roof too.

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