Friday, March 8, 2013

Breaking the tin's back

The aim today is to get the rest of the roofing iron installed on the garage, and fit the ridge capping and fiddle around with the sheets on the dwelling. It's promising to be a HOT day today, so the sooner we get into it the better...

One of the little BAL-FZ details is the flashing detail. This extends as far as covering the ridge of the plywood membrane with flashing, screwed at 200mm centres. Even though this interface will be entirely covered by Anticon blanket and Rockwool, the spec requires this flashing as well to prevent ember ingress into the roof structure. It's nothing if not thorough...

We started with the long 9m sheets in order to get a nice square parallel run going, but that relies on the assumption that my roof structure is square to begin with!

It is...



There's a little bit of run-out by the time the sheets reach the end of the roof, but nothing which can't be adjusted with a little shift of a sheet here or there, so nothing to be concerned about.

It's about midday in this next photo, but holy hell if it's not hot and bright up on the roof.

After lunch we got stuck into the other side of the roof towards the shipping container. This one didn't take quite as long, but by this time we were slowing down in the heat. The Bureau suggested it was 35ยบ ambient, but it felt double that with the reflected light from the tin. I probably have sunburn in places which should not be mentioned in polite society... :o

Nevertheless, we got all the iron installed, with a couple of sheets left over. Bugger! I hadn't accounted for the fact we could get two cuts out of one sheet, so I've bought a couple more than we need. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll find a use for them somewhere!

By the end of the day we had pretty much everything done which we had planned. All the roofing sheets are installed and all the ridge cappings too, albeit not screwed down quite as much as it will be when its finished (the BAL-FZ data sheet requires screws on every other corrugation, into battens spaced at 600mm centres. This is about 4x the number of screws you'd normally see installed in a tin roof...)

Still to go are the barge flashings over the gable ends (naturally, since I haven't yet installed the Hebel panelling to these), and the flashings over the triangular sections at either end of the vaulted roof. I'm aiming to get the Hebel installed on at least these and the gable over the vaulted roof this long weekend, but we'll have to see how I get on moving such large panels by myself.

Since according to regulation I'm prohibited (!!) to screw down the roofing iron myself (seriously, I've built the entire structure upon which they stand myself.. I think I can manage a few roofing screws) Savva the Plumber will be back next week to finish the job. This means I have to get cracking this weekend with as much Hebel as I can manage, and then get a bunch of flashing and cappings ordered early next week in time for him to install them.

No rest...

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