Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is roof, is go

So it looks like it's a 'go' to start installing the roofing iron tomorrow. I managed to get everything organised in time - corrugated zincalume and all the flashings are arriving from Shepparton tomorrow morning, I've already got the Rockwool insulation and I'm picking up Anticon at sparrow's tomorrow morning.

I also have (nearly all of) my roofing screws - thanks Bunnings for your beat-any-advertised-price-by-10% policy :D  I simply printed a page from a website I found which advertises all sorts of fasteners at crazy cheap prices (they'll be China's Finest, I'm sure) and took it to the busiest register at Bunnings with boxes and boxes of screws and bingo, instant 50% discount.

Lowest prices are just the beginning.  Yeah, right!

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